Kirkstall Brewery

The original Kirkstall Brewery Co. Ltd. was registered in 1871, and by 1898 was producing around 72,000 barrels of beer a year. The beer was sold in Leeds, Yorkshire and beyond. Kirkstall beers have even been recorded arriving as far as Australia and New Zealand.

In 1936, Dutton’s Blackburn Brewery Ltd. purchased Kirkstall Brewery Co Ltd. and its subsidiaries, Albion Brewery (Leeds) Ltd. and Willow Brewery Co. Ltd.

The brewery was closed in 1983, bringing to an end a 150-year tradition of brewing in the Kirkstall Valley. Kirkstall Brewery stood empty and unused until it the late 1990s it became Kirkstall Brewery Student Village, part of Leeds Metropolitan University.

A new brewery, taproom and kitchen with the same name was set up near the original site and honours its predecessor with references to the old brewery crest and product names.

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